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Questions For Breakfast


Questions for Breakfast is a softcover, bilingual (English & Spanish) 64 pages (32 pages in English, 32 pages in Spanish) color illustration. What a perfect way to learn both languages!


The book is about a curious little boy who asks his Mom all sorts of questions through their Sunday morning breakfast, from where to why and how it’s done. 


The book encourages intellectual curiosity, and, as the boy enjoys his tasty breakfast, young readers are presented with many opportunities to discuss the factoids that I included throughout the book with the adult.


I confess that the little boy in the book is my alter ego. Growing up, I drove my Mom crazy with all the questions I would ask during breakfast. We laugh about it to this day. 


 Book Specs:

. 8.5” x 8.5”

. 250 gsm Glossy Softcover

. 64 pages, 157 gsm Matte Art Paper

. Glue binding, section sewn


The ISBN has been removed because the books are exclusively for donation and cannot be bought or sold. However, if you pledge $25 or more on Kickstarter, you will receive at least one copy of Questions for Breakfast.

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