Giovanni The Whale


What a wonderful way to introduce your young reader to the marvels of the whale, a blue whale to be exact, more particularly Giovanni the Whale. The book is filled with an imaginative collection of facts that help children understand the whale’s place in the oceans of the world. Author Sabrina Miller accomplishes this by relating the whale’s size and habits to things not only aquatic but land-based as well. Children are sure to be captivated, amused, and educated!


This friendly cetacean and his ocean environment are brought brilliantly to life by the artistry of illustrator Gina Miller and Ilya Bakuta. They successfully teamed with Sabrina Miller on another project with more to come. Giovanni The Whale will be available December 2019.


As a testament to the quality of this book, Save the Whales, the widely respected organization which has been protecting the ocean and its inhabitants (both large and small) for over 40 years, has permitted the author to use its logo on her book. Ms. Miller will donate $4.00 to Save the Whales from the sale of each book.