Sabrina Miller - Author

Sabrina Miller is a children’s book writer. Picking a topic and posing general, fun questions about it, she writes books that engage and educate children. Ms. Miller notes that it fits her playful personality while keeping her young at heart. 

The author grew up on a farm in Washington, milking cows every day before going to school. When she wasn’t milking cows, she was pelting her parents with questions–driving them crazy, she thinks. Ms. Miller confesses that the little boy in Questions for Breakfast is her alter ego.

Encouraged by her parents, Ms. Miller began writing stories at age 13. Throughout her life, she has written and designed fun books for the kids in her life. First, for the children she babysat as a teenager, and later for the children of family and friends.

In her spare time, the author collects flowers that had been used in NYC events and brilliantly repurposes them. Bringing them home, she creates new arrangements and delivers them the next day to area nursing homes and hospitals. Ms. Miller says, “Making people smile, letting them know their community cares about them, brings me happiness.”