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Sabrina Miller - Author

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Hi there! I'm Sabrina Miller, the author of Questions for Breakfast. 


From the early age of 13, I started creating children’s books for kids that I was babysitting at the time. I always knew that my writing for children would eventually become a reality, even if it wasn’t a full-time job. As long as children were reading it, I was ecstatic!


Fast forward decades later, I pulled out my pad of paper, a couple of pencils and created Questions for Breakfast. I was determined to learn the entire process of self-publishing. Through many trials and tribulations, I made it to Book Expo in New York City. It was one of the best days of my life. I was introduced to hundreds of people who shared a commonality with me, literacy.


Now, I want to be involved in providing books to young children and families. Writing books was fun; however, by working with nonprofit organizations and other children’s book authors, I can make a more substantial impact in promoting literacy.

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